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Word On Needle Phobia

Our grateful thanks to Dr Carol Cooper for her contribution to our on-air report, which you can hear again below.  

Needle phobia can be defined as a fear of sharp objects such as pins or needles and of the fear from procedures requiring the use of needles.

The word phobia comes from the Greek and literally means 'fear' or 'dread'. Suffering from a phobia has been described as having immense fear of a situation or an object that is not in proportion to the actual danger. This fear can lead to a strong desire or need to completely escape the situation or avoid the object. 

Needle phobia is a medical condition that is estimated to affect more than 10 percent of the population. It can be severe enough in some cases to warrant people being sedated due to the fear and anxiety that the thought and/or sight of a needle causes. It may even effect some to an extent that they avoid medical procedures including inoculations, blood tests, and in the more severe cases, all medical care. 

Help managing your fear of needles. In doing our research we found a leaflet from Guys & St Thomas's NHS Trust to be most inofmative and helpful  click here to access the leaflet

The charity Anxiety UK can offer help and support for people living with needle phobia, click here to visit their website. 


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